Four secrets to the ideal flat lay

There’s nothing I love better than styling the ideal flat lay – getting the composition just right, choosing and blending colours, textures and photographing in just the right light. And while it might look like a lot of work, there are a few tricks of the trade.

Creating flat lays is one of my favourite things to do. I love to just grab a few of my favourite props around my home and pull something together for fun – like kitchen accessories or my favourite collectible teaspoons. It’s like flexing my creative muscles.

Several of you have asked about how I create the ‘magic’ behind the lens, so I’d love to share my secrets with you.

1. First, I choose a hero object I want to showcase. Everything needs to work around this.

Flat Lay - Photography

2. Next, I choose the overall look or theme I want to create. I gather my contents together and slowly add the different components.

Flat Lay - Photography

3. Next, I start to take things away. Essentially, a flat lay is all about the negative space – the space around objects, not the objects themselves. The image must have a good ‘organic’ com-position, avoiding clutter.

Flat Lay - Photography

4. Now it’s time to take a photo. Bright, warm light is essential and the time of day is also very im-portant, to avoid shadows

Flat Lay - Photography Coffee

Ta-da! The finished product should ooze a sense of calm and quiet. It shouldn’t be ‘loud’ – it’s all about simplicity, just as if you have come across the image while browsing through a favourite magazine.

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